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Laserline Safety and Security Systems, a serious and reliable partner of public bodies, companies and individuals for 20 years, specialized in the supply of automatic gates, tripod and full height turnstiles, vehicle barriers and guidance systems.

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Integrated system
temperature monitoring

All-in-one and touchless solution, it measures body temperature and checks for the presence of PPE, automating the management of the flow of people.

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automatic gate

Laserline Safety and Security Systems' mission is to protect and make safe access to your building, guaranteeing precise control of pedestrian flow. Our company is known throughout Italy for the quality and reliability of its equipment, but also for its innovative and attractive design. The new FIRSTLANE automatic gate fully meets the needs of the market, offering a modern and elegant design while ensuring high safety standards.


There are many access control devices and Laserline offers the perfect one for each application, including automatic gates, tripod and full-height turnstiles, vehicle barriers and guidance systems.

Case histories

At Laserline, we work with precision and great attention to detail. Whatever the application, we find the optimum solution for safe and high-performance access control.

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