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Automatic gates

The automatic gates for pedestrian access control are designed to achieve maximum productivity, offering a high level of security. The modern and clean design makes these products perfectly suitable for both private and public environments.

Tripod and
full-height turnstiles

Trilane 1 and 2, designed to last over time, are an easy to install solution with a minimal footprint. The TRS3XX provide high corrosion resistance in harsh environments and their two-way mechanical operation reduces operating costs, making them a long-term investment.

Vehicle barriers

Thanks to our experience and wide range of vehicle access control equipment, we are able to provide solutions to meet all kinds of needs: toll roads, parking areas, access to bridges, tunnels and level crossings, access to private and industrial sites.

Guidance systems

Designed to meet the aesthetic and architectural requirements of the shops in which they are located, the suggested doors and turnstiles perfectly balance comfort of use with the level of safety required. In fact, on the one hand they exercise their control function with reliability, on the other hand they offer a comfortable access flow for the user.