Automatic Gate Smartlane SL2910

Innovative design, modularity and compactness make SmartLane automatic gates the most logical choice in applications where it is necessary to simultaneously guarantee a high flow of users, rapid access and a refined aesthetic.


Designed in compliance with the most stringent safety and security standards (EN16005) & CE certified.

Intrinsically safe design.

- Designed to prevent finger entrapment and other impacts.
- Already compliant with the future EN17352 European standard for impact forces- Già conforme alla futura EN17352 Norma europea per le forze di impatto.
- DIRAS detection profile now available on the fixed glazing found at the top of the housing
- 200mm ground clearance to respect anytime foot entrapment. 

Limited force applied by obstacles

- Protective profile on the mobile glazing

Dynamic, electronic user protection based on traffic direction

- Reinforced detection to enhance user protection and manage passage of luggage (option)

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